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Our little home – Plans for the future

It will be nine years since we moved into our house this summer. We moved in on a summers day in August and I remember the house felt so big. We were so excited to make it our home, and start a family. It was mostly decorated in neutral colours throughout and has front and [...]

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A Little Blog Update and Some News

If you haven't visited for a while, you might notice a couple of changes around here, but before I explain more, I thought I would share a little of our history... My first blog Its been around 6 years since I first started blogging. My first blog was a weight-loss blog, writing about healthy eating [...]

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Spring at Fountains Abbey

Fountains Abbey is one of our favourite places to visit, and a place that has become really special to us since we stared a family. Its grown more special in the last few years when we have visited for special occasions like our wedding anniversary, which i wrote about here. Somehow we must have always escaped visiting [...]

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Loosing Weight with Weight Watchers Smart Points

After a year of on-off half-hearted 'dieting', whilst gaining weight, I finally decided that I had to commit to a weight loss plan to kick start healthy eating and weight loss. I am a huge believer that weight loss in theory is simple. If you eat less calories than your body needs, then your body [...]

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Extreme Reading at Fountains Abbey

If you have a primary school aged child, you have probably heard of the extreme reading challenge. You take a photo of your child reading in an extreme place, and the school hold a competition to find the pupil who has the most extreme reading photo. One of the biggest challenges for parents (and teachers!) is [...]

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Happy Hummus With Crunchy Carrots

Its super quick and easy to make, cheap and full of nutrients; hummus has quickly become one of our favourite dips to have readily prepared in the fridge. The main ingredients are chickpeas, and at the moment a 400g tin is a mere 33p at Aldi, its much fresher & cheaper than shop-bought hummus. There [...]

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Financial Freedom In November 2016

I am sharing our journey to financial freedom and hoping that some of the things we share are useful to others. We are in the middle of our journey to pay off our mortgage debt and we still have several years before we are mortgage free. Seven years ago when we began our journey [...]

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